I am an Associate Professor of computer architecture and technology at the University of Murcia, Spain. I joined the Computer Engineering Department (DiTEC) in 1998, after I received the MS degree in computer science. I started as a Teaching Assistant. At the same time, I began my work on my PhD thesis. In march 2003,  after four years of hard work, I was awarded my PhD. After that, I became an Assistant Professor in 2004, and subsequently, an Associate Professor in 2008.

Currently, I lead the Computer Architecture & Parallel Systems (CAPS) research group, which is part of the ACCA group. My research interests are focused on the architecture of multiprocessor systems. More specifically, I am working on prediction and speculation in multiprocessor memory systems, synchronization in CMPs, power-aware cache-coherence protocols for CMPs, fault tolerance, and hardware transactional memory systems. I'm currently an associate editor of IEEE TPDS Int'l Journal.

Contact Information

Manuel E. Acacio
Campus de Espinardo
Facultad de Informática
30100 Murcia (SPAIN)

e-mail: meacacio [at] um [dot] es
Phone: +34 868 883983
Fax: +34 868 884151